StaffPad has one mission: To make writing music easier.


We believe that with the right application of technology, composing and creating music can feel effortless and natural. We also want to bring out the best in people who write music already, by giving a clear, intuitive and effortless process in which the technology never gets in the way.


We've been hard at work for the past 5 years to make StaffPad a reality. Now we're looking for your help.


We're looking for rock star coders. Coders that can read music... coders that are driven and motivated, have a true understanding of what makes a *great* product and want to drive things forward. Coders who want to build cool things. People who think inside the box or say "no" regularly need not apply. Development work is fast-paced, cutting edge and design-driven. We're looking for great people who write great code, can self-manage, solve problems and use their intuition to push forward quickly to deliver outstanding results.


StaffPad is a multinational team spread out over the entire world. We value flexible working hours, honest and open dialogue and never taking ourselves too seriously.


We're currently looking for freelancers to join us for between 3-12 months. We're flexible with hours and finance packages,plus you can work remotely; no need to re-locate. We believe that working on StaffPad is a challenging, rewarding, exciting and fun process; we'd love to hear from you if you think you can keep up!





Current Positions:


Windows UWP XAML/C# Wizard:


StaffPad is built on Windows UWP technologies, which of course include using a lot of XAML for the UI layer. We're looking for someone to join the team who has a true and deep understanding of the latest XAML framework, an astonishing eye for detail and finds true bliss in building out a pixel-perfect UI to make it as beautiful as it can be. The candidate would also understand the latest developments within the Windows Composition layer, bindings, using expressions and storyboards for animations,  effects and lighting, templating, writing concise, reusable UI code and love creating beautiful new styles - as well as have the ability to rapidly iterate, and recreate UI elements from detailed animated mockups.  A flair for design mixed with a love for music and code.


If this is you, then please email us at